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Feast of Fiddles Update November 2017

Sleight of Elbow

Slight of Elbow

It’s been a good while since the last update – sorry about that! The new Album Sleight of Elbow was duly released to coincide with the Spring Tour earlier this year and the various reviews it has received have all been very positive. The band’s version of the famous Glen Miller Band number String of Pearls together with the track Siamese Kashmir (which combines March of the Siamese Princes and Pricesses from the film The King and I with Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir)get specifically mentioned every time. This is because the two tracks so effectively demonstrate what Feast of Fiddles is all about. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we enjoy arranging great tunes for six fiddles and a beefy backline – we definitely take that seriously! If you fancy a copy (it’ll soon be Christmas!) you can order on line on the CD Sales page.

Festivals 2017

We had a brilliant time at Folk on the Pier and Cropredy during the summer and if you were at either we really hope you enjoyed our part in them. We don’t do many festivals, at least in part because band members have many other commitments during the year; but if you organise an event at least consider contacting us if you think we might fit your bill – you never know, we might be able to get it all to work out!

Festival 2018

We will be headlining the Sunday night The New Forest Folk Festival on July 8th 2018. This lovely event is steadily growing and is well worth checking out www.thenewforestfolkfestival.co.uk . We have been fortunate to have been involved from early on and we’re delighted to be performing again in 2018.

Spring Tour 2018

Next year’s tour will be our 25th – our Silver Jubilee outing! The dates are all sorted and you can find them on the UK Tour page.

We will be doing 15 shows during the tour and re-visiting some favourite venues such as The Apex in Bury St Edmunds (April 16th), City Varieties, Leeds (April 18th) and The Playhouse, Alnwick (April 19th). We also revisit the Sussex coast after a long layoff with a show at The College Theatre, Eastbourne (April 14th)

We really hope you will be able to get to see one or other of the shows and sorry if we don’t come to your nearest favourite venue – let us know where that is and perhaps we could consider it for 2019.

The band for the 2018 tour is expected to be Blakeley, Crabtree, Cutler, Harding, Knight, Leary, Leslie, Mattacks, McNeill, Vincent and Whetton.

We expect to ring the changes a little bit in 2018 by performing two halves of full ensemble material – although individual players will be featured prominently within the programme. Given the significance of the number of times we have now toured we will be looking into the back catalogue for material, arranging a few new items and keeping in the all-time favourites. The last album Sleight of Elbow included a lot of original and non-traditional material. We’re set to return a little bit to our roots but have no fear the entertainment factor will be as present as ever. Bring your friends – they won’t be disappointed!

25th Anniversary 2019

Although we set off on our 25th tour in 2018 the actually 25th anniversary of the band’s formation is in February 2019. We are putting our thinking caps on deciding what to do for our usual tour period around April. Extend the tour? Include a big show? Bring back all past players for a bumper show for a shorter tour? All to play for so watch this space!

Tragic News

Carlton Hunt

It is with great sadness that we report the death of our dear friend and drummer extraordinary Carlton Hunt in October. Carlton was our go to dep drummer when DM was not available and we were always delighted to perform with him. He was able to drop into our music and beautifully compliment it with his own at the drop of a hat and he will be most dreadfully missed by us, his wife, family and friends. Carlton’s last performance with the band was at Folk on the Pier in May 2017.

That’s about it for the time being folks but keep in touch here or using our email address and as always thank you so much for your continued support. It really is very much appreciated.

Feast of Fiddles – November 2017


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