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News Update October 2016

New Studio Album

We’re very pleased to tell you that the band is already making progress recording their third studio album which will be the seventh CD that we’ve released (including the Live 01 Bonus CD – remember that?). Needless to say, we’re expecting this to be launched at the start of the Spring Tour in 2017 which means we need to get a move on. Gathering up the whole band in a single studio is simply not possible but the wonders of digital recording technology these days means that we can work on both sides of the Atlantic and perhaps this time both sides of the Channel. The tracks have been selected from our last two tours and there’s a lot of original material included. We’re very fortunate to have good friends with the skills, knowledge and experience to help us at Blue Moon Studio in Oxfordshire and Babyland Studio in Massachusetts. It’s likely that the home studios of Peter, Alan and Brian will be brought into play as well if we are going to get all the overdubs we want assembled. There’s probably no such thing as genuinely live album any more but we start from a live reference and get it absolutely in time with the rhythm section locked together exactly in time. Everyone else then tracks their parts and vocals to that which means it’s very solid but has quite a live feel…or that’s the theory – and the last two pretty much worked out that way. The vast recording experience of Dave Mattacks is brought into play – not to mention his black book of contacts we are privileged to be able to call on. All good fun and with a bit of luck ready for delivery week before April next year!

Spring Tour 2017

Next year’s tour will be our 24th – unbelievable, approaching our Silver Jubilee outing! The dates are all sorted and you can find them on the UK Tour page. Twelve shows this year in the run up to Easter. A couple of new venues – Preston Minster and The Neeld Centre in Chippenham and before anyone starts complaining, sorry for the absence of gigs in the North East and East Anglia. When fixing dates for a big company like FoF you just have to go for venues that make the travel as easy as possible and have the best chance of covering the not inconsiderable costs involved. We promise to try our hardest to get to the neglected regions in 2018.

The band is expected to be Blakeley, Crabtree, Cutler, Harding, Knight, Leary, Leslie, Mattacks, McNeill, Vincent and Whetton. Yes, Martin Vincent firmly back in his chair following his successful heart surgery and a spectacular return gig at the New Forest Folk Festival in July.

Please let us take this opportunity to give public and heartfelt thanks to Ken Nicol who so ably filled Martin’s shoes during the 2016 tour and with virtually no preparation time to boot. Fantastic job, what a pro that man is!


Every possibility that Phil Beer will make the tour but as ever with Mr Beer, it all remains to be seen when his very hectic 2017 diary has had a bit more time to get settled.

The format will be as now established: a first half of features and a second half of the full ensemble giving it large. All things being equal we’ll be playing the new album tracks of course together with some new material and enjoying the range of fiddle styles on show. Bring your friends, they won’t be disappointed!

Festivals 2017

In the early years of FoF, we did such a good job of telling everyone we were only able to tour once a year that no one booked us for any festival. Then one or two did who had some direct contact with the band. Interestingly, those festivals have typically been done more than once over the years. However, we don’t appear to be on the general festival programming radar which is a pity ‘cos we really enjoy doing them…when we can!

In 2017, we will be back at the wonderful Folk On The Pier Festival in Cromer on Friday 5th May 2017 and we’re really excited to be part of Fairport Convention’s 50th Anniversary Year at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention on Friday 11th August 2017. That’s going to be some festival next year so if you’re considering coming, get your tickets booked as soon as you can. Remember, you heard it here first!

That’s about it for the time being folks but keep in touch here or using our email address and as always thank you so much for your continued support. It really is very much appreciated.

Feast of Fiddles – September 2016


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